Automagna's advantages

Automagna is a successful supplier for the professional car dealer. This is no coincidence! We live up to our promises. We exceed our obligations!

Would you like to collaborate with Automagna? Below you will find a list of the advantages.

Automagna, reliable and efficient
No-nonsense. No hidden agenda. Our word is our bond. The information we provide about a car is always correct, whether it is positive or negative. Unambiguous and to the point. It's the only way we can build a long-term relationship with all our customers. 

Automagna, extensive service
Fast processing is important in our sector. Automagna is made up of a well-oiled team of specialists who communicate fast and effectively 24/7. You are assisted by a single permanent and reliable contact person. Your contact person is always at your disposal to assist you and can be reached by mobile phone. This working method is fast, efficient and effortless.

You will receive regular status reports of your order.

No surprises! We score incredibly highly on this point with professional traders. When it comes to used second-hand cars you receive detailed information about any actual damage. 

Automagna, discretion guaranteed
Automagna guarantees absolute discretion for customers and suppliers. Therefore references are only passed on after written agreement from our customers.

Automagna, large volumes
Automagna specialises in trading large volumes. Importers, major dealer groups and multinational rental companies value our approach. We speak the same language as our suppliers.

Today we mainly specialise in the sale of large to very large volumes of recent second-hand and new cars. 

Automagna, member of the E.A.I.V.T.
Automagna is a member of the E.A.I.V.T., the European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders. This European organisation supports and acts as the umbrella organisation for independent dealers thanks to solid cooperation partnerships and information exchange.

Automagna, decent prices
The combination of all these advantages ensures that we are always able to offer attractive prices. Large volumes and proper agreements guarantee respectable deals and unbeatable prices.

Thanks to large volumes we can apply small margins. In addition to this we also limit the operational costs of our company organisation as much as possible. This means you can quickly sell the vehicles on at great prices with a decent margin!

Do you also want to benefit from these advantages? Contact us today. Call us or send us an e-mail.

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