Automagna, the ultimate partner for professional car dealers

Automagna procures large volumes of recent second-hand and new cars on the international market and sells them on to professional car dealers. This is Automagna's speciality and the company offers a number of unbeatable advantages.

Our customers are exclusively professional, national and international car dealers.

What are the advantages offered by Automagna in a nutshell?

Automagna, personal contact is the key to success
At Automagna we follow a tried and tested recipe. All customer contacts are handled in a highly personal manner, guaranteeing clear and effective communication for all. This approach results in success for you and for us.

This personal customer management allows us to anticipate your needs and wishes. It allows us to provide you with regular, fully customised, exclusive offers. Special offers that you would be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

Would you like to collaborate with Automagna?
Automagna does not aim to be an extensive online platform. We strive hard for exclusivity. Therefore any collaboration with Automagna is also conducted in a 'personal and confidential' manner.

Once you have completed your online registration, one of our staff members will contact you as quickly as possible. This person will then be your permanent contact. You can become acquainted and discuss exactly how Automagna can be of service to you. You will then obtain access to our stock. 

What can you expect from Automagna?
After a personal introduction you will be granted access to our stock. The website provides a limited range of the vehicles we have available. The following example demonstrates how we describe our products: car make, type, unambiguous description of all the details and the most important features.

Contact your trusted contact person. Automagna always guarantees the best buy!

Automagna, minimum effort for maximum results
Call us or send us an e-mail. A sustainable, long-term relationship with Automagna starts with a personal contact. Please invest a little time at the start, it really does pay off. Our questions are detailed so that we can respond to your requirements quickly and accurately.

One of Automagna's assets, a tailor-made proposal
Are you a serious potential buyer looking for a reliable and trustworthy seller for your fleet? Automagna is your ideal partner. You will receive exclusive special offers, tailored to your needs!

We operate with discretion and extensively screen our customers that respect and value our working method and procedures.

Automagna allows you to maximise your profits! 

Are we on the same wavelength? Contact us. Call us or send us an e-mail.

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